Charity School Association of Tehran Website
Charity School Association of Tehran Website
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LifeWeb Official Website
LifeWeb Official Website.
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The official system for clarifying the election content of 1400 Iran using the content analysis of virtual networks.
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Innoone Accelerator Institute Website
Inoone Accelerator is designed to support innovative projects, start-ups and knowledge-based companies in the fields of artificial intelligence and big data. At Inoone Accelerator, we aim to facilitate the development of innovative ideas in the field of digital media monitoring, data mining and data processing with the help of the private sector and experts.
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Tahlilgar Analytical System
Collecting big data from social networks, analyzing it and presenting various analytical reports.
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Ptrco Official Web Site
Parsian Tourism and Recreation Centers Company is operating as the largest port, marine, hotel, tourism, recreation and rail services in the country with the benefit of specialized, professional and experienced manpower. .This project was developed with vue.js and nuxt.js by me and Hossein Rezaei
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